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  • How do I arrange a shipment with Pan Thai Air?
    Answer : To arrange a shipment or obtain information on our products and services, contact our office nearest to you. Click Contact Us for location details.
  • How do I calculate the cost for my shipment?
    Answer : The shipment can be calculated using the physical/actual weight or the dimension weight of your parcel.
    Dimension weight is used when the space of the package takes on an aircrafts cost more than the physical weight of the package. IATA standard dimension weight is based on 6,000 cubc centimeters per one physical kilos and can be calculated as follows:
    length(cm) x width(cm) x height (cm) / 6,000 = volume kilos
  • How do I make a claim for my shipment?
    Answer : A claim can be made by writing to us, and sending supporting documentation that will help confirm your entitlement to claim. This may include commercial invoices, packing list, copy of air waybill, and survey reports.
  • How do I track my shipments?
    Answer : We usually inform you the flight information with estimated time of delivery before the shipment is made. We currently do not provide real-time option to track your shipment; however, you can contact the head-office to check the status of your shipment. - 02-984-0099 Ext.5
  • To what destinations can Pan Thai Air cover?
    Answer : We serve all 77 provinces in Thailand.
  • Where can I drop off my parcel? Is there a pick up service?
    Answer : The cargo can be dropped off at any branch location or any airport in Thailand. We offer a pick up service at a specific rate.
  • Where can I find information on transporting live animals?
    Answer : It is possible to transport live animals with certain rules and regulations. Please contact our office nearest to you so that our experienced agents can answer all your queries and guide you through the shipping process.